No Strings Attached

*NSYNC, one of popular music’s most famous acts.  These five men Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass, band together in 1995.  In their few years of exposure, they were already compared to rival acts such as New Kids On The Block, and even Backstreet Boys with the release of their 1997 self-titled album.  It wasn’t until the release of 2000’s “No Strings Attached” that the group achieved groundbreaking success.  No Strings Attached came to be one of the most commercial successful albums of the 1990’s.  This album was a breakthrough smash hit, spawning singles such as “Bye, Bye, Bye”, “It’s Gonna Be Me”, “Bring In The Noise” (which was actually featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Other Me).  This album also featured a fresh take on the Johnny Kemp, “New-Jack swing”; hit “Just Got Paid” with its original producer, Teddy Riley.  *NSYNC brought out the R&B, Soulful, sound of pop with this album, but it was still appropriate to dance to.  With “No Strings Attached”, there was brought together the perfect mix of material.  Ballads like “This I Promise You” and “I Thought She Knew”.  Party anthems like “Bring In The Noise” and “Just Got Paid”.  Songs that just had a groove to vibe to like “It Makes Me Ill”.  Each of the songs on this album had purpose and meaning.  This album set the standard for “boy bands” since.  Many acts have been chasing the success of No Strings Attached.  I got this album as gift for my 7th birthday and it was an album that I listened to and got familiar with.  As a listener, I think this is pop at it’s finest in the 90’s.  I liked every song on the album.  Even though certain parts of the album are a bit cheesy now, I still really like this album.  This album brings up many things missing in today’s music.  This album was presented as a package.  It had a theme, which made it able to be commercialized and it had great music.  As an artist it’s important to pay attention to formulas and presenting albums as total packages works.


In this video game you are taking on a journey, a journey…to the end of life.  This is not just the end of life, but the beginning of the afterlife.  Purgatory is the game that takes you into waiting room of eternity.  This experience places you in the role James Dawson of a rebel with a chip on his shoulder.  Dawson is soldier who joined the Marines to “blow off some steam” and “defend his country”.  Angry with all things Arabic, James goes on a killing spree, but is eventually gunned down by an Iraqi soldier.  While James is breathing his last breath his wife is awakened on the other side of the world.  She feels James’ pain and prays for him.  Her plead to God is heard.  James gains consciousness, knowing that he’s dead he begins to wonder where he is.  He opens his eyes and to his surprise, he is not in hell.  Unsure of where he is or how long he has been there, James is irate and looking for answers.  Little does he know, he is about to learn hardcore lessons of anger management.  “If you live by your gun you will be killed with it.”

The aesthetic of this game was created and carried mostly by the ambience and is sweetened by the stingers.  James isn’t sure of where he is so the ambience is designed to give him a since of fear and mystery.  This is implemented by using Kismet to loop a sound actor that plays eerie mysterious ambience that is mixed with randomized stingers.  As you go through this facility each room has its own ambience.  The ambience in the dining hall represents the “Upper Room”.  The dining hall could be considered spooky or even haunting, but these are not just in the presents of friendly ghost, what you are hearing are angels.  It is in this room where you have a fountain that runs holy water to cleanse you of your sins, as well as put on the whole armor of God.  The armor is triggered by a toggle and play sound connected in Kismet. To create an even creepier feel for the game I used an ambient sound movable to give stingers a bit more mobility and make it sound like you’re being followed during game play.  As you take the hall to the passageway, you leave the presence of angels and you can hear it.  The ambience changes and takes a darker approach The Sound Zone goes from eerie and mysterious, to just plain eerie. Danger is near. As you go to the lower level of the facility, the ambience and stingers let you know that you are close to hell.  Since Dawson doesn’t know how long he’s been there, all he hears is the constant ticking of clocks.  Is time running out or is time even a factor? The elevator sound is looping and is connected in Kismet to the Matinee to synch perfectly.  As Dawson takes the elevators he isn’t sure what he’s searching for but he knows he has to get out and fast.

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Native Instruments Komplete

Native Instruments Komplete, one of the most revered names in digital music creation.  Since 2002 Native Instruments Komplete has been setting the standard for sound and sample libraries.  Komplete has been raved and acclaimed by djs, musicians, and composers all over the world.   With the birth of the Komplete’s Kontakt came a leaner approach to sampling at a fraction of the cost.  The Komplete library spans over 43GB with over 1,000 sampled instruments, able to handle any production situation. This package also offers studio quality effects, filters, and a host of presets.  There are so many genres within the arena of electronic music and Komplete caters to them all.  This product has made an imprint in today’s electronic music scene for electronic musicians with its versatility.  The Kontakt instruments from this massive library can be loaded into almost any DAW of choice.  Komplete features a number of signal processors that allow musicians to tailor sounds to there liking.  Komplete features to tone generators that create limitless tonality possibilities.  Featured also in this package are sequencers that allow for artist to sample audio recordings that already have been created, and create something totally new.  The Native Instrument Komplete Bundle also includes other plugins that allow for more intricate instrumentation of electronic music.  In electronic music, it all about being cutting edge, taking that leap of faith and creating new sounds. Komplete allows for deep interaction between sound and it’s designer with its easy to use interfaces that make customizing a sound simple yet effective.  As a user, I find Native Instruments Komplete to be one of my favorite creation tools.  One of the most amazing things to me about this bundle is its vastness.  It is one of the hugest bundles on the market, and yet it is expandable.  The sounds that come with this are immaculate in quality and in sound.


Kraftwerk is one of the best selling bands of all time, and are the architects of electronic music.  Without a doubt, Kraftwerk are one of the most definitive parts of the 70’s and 80’s.  Some would even say no other band since the Beatles, have given so much to pop music.  It is to look around and acknowledge names like David Guetta, Daft Punk, DeadMau5, and Skrillex, but these musicians shine upon a platform, that was paved by Kraftwerk.  They are best known for their string of hit albums from mid 70’s to late 80’s.  They appeared on the music scene with the clean-cut yet futuristic style that made nerds look cool.  They appeared very stiff and mechanical almost like cyborgs.  Their sound embodied many things, such as driving repetitive rhythms, catchy melodies, and mostly electronic instrumentation.  Many things are adopted from this band and displayed in today’s electronic music.  One technique that is common and used frequently, are the simplification of lyrics.  Much electronic music does not have intricate lyrics, but the words that are in the songs are simple and usually very catchy.  Kraftwerk also revolutionized the way the lyrics were delivered.  By utilizing speech-phrasing software, this band made computers talk and sing.  Kraftwerk also capitalized on use of the vocoder to synthesize the human voice.  This was the goal of Kraftwerk to bring about a robotic aesthetic and to appear and sound non-human, hardwired, and digital.  As an artist Kraftwerk definitely opens lanes to not only experiment, but to just be weird.  It shows their ability to capture the listeners and make them believe this music to be of artificial intelligence.  Much of their music definitely comes across as great arcade, but taken to the next level.  It is really inspiring to study artist like this, who think outside the box, and create things that people always identify with.



Brian Eno

Brian Eno has given the world over forty years of the most diverse music.  Eno’s wide variety of musical influences ranges from composers of classical to the vast depths of jazz, to pop influences such as the Velvet underground and the Who, Eno created things as our ears had never heard before.  Each Brian Eno album is distinctly different.  The sounds of each album seemed to be almost tailored to specifics of the project.  Over Brian Eno’s career you rock, pop, as well ambient music, and abstract experimental pieces such “1/1”. 1/1 has a format and layout that is far from typical.  It lacks form, and reoccurring parts.  Just like Eno’s project Another Green world these pieces have no lyrics.  On the other hand, Another Green World does have patterns and certain melody that are easier to follow.  Eno’s work stands out for many reasons.  One of the characteristics that distinguish it from others is his use synthesizers and other instruments to change or manipulate sounds and incorporate elements. Speaking of incorporating elements that is another characteristic that sets him apart, the way he intertwines his music to visual art.  Adding visual art to auditory arts such music creates a new and deeper level of emotion for the audience. Brian Eno credible and colorful work in music makes him an innovator and unlike anything of his time. As a listener I can honestly say I enjoyed the works of Brian Eno.  I definitely was able to see how he influenced others.  I heard many sound similarities to other artists, who obviously were inspired by Eno.  Once again I am inspired to keep thinking outside of the box and it never hurts to try new things.  Inspiration can come from anywhere if you’re open to it.




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